Finding the right car

When in comes to finding the right car it can often be quite difficult due to the huge range of cars in the market. There are all sorts of designs, coluors and varying features. Although they are all used for the same purpose the extent of luxury varies significantly depending on the make/model.

If you know nothing about car shopping you have a few things to learn! Finding yourself the perfect car can be done online, by a dealership or even in the local trading post. The first place to start is at the car yard, allowing you to choose a car that you like and is between your budget. Once you have chosen a few cars of interest your investigation begins in order to narrow your search down.

Websites such as offer a wide range of new and used cars, allowing you to search according to the make, model and even location in which the car is currently in.  This is the most popular way of finding a car, checking online daily to see if the right car is on the market.  If and when you find the car, call the owner to pop by for a test drive! Remember to ask:

  • Whether the car has been completely paid off?
  • When the registration is due?
  • If the car has been in any major accidents?

If the car has traveled a significant amount of kilometers you may be able to negotiate with the owner to drop the price even further. Look for any flaws of the vehicle, even if it is a scratch here and there to drop the price to a satisfactory one!

If you aren’t up with technology the trading post is a great way to find your car! Although you may not be able to see a visual at all times, if you know what you want it should be fine due to you will be taking it on a test drive before you make the purchase.

Knowing what you want to buy will allow you to find the best deal available and narrow down your search quickly. Reading up on reviews will also guide you in the right direction. For more information on what deals are available on new and used cars contact Natloans on 1300 955 791 or visit the website

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