Car facts: you have to face them

Fact is the used car you are looking at has a history. Now there may not be anything dire in your chosen vehicle’s past. But it is crucial that you look into this before you purchase. After all, there is plenty that your vendor may not disclose. For example, what if there is finance outstanding on your desired car? How are you going to know if someone has tinkered with the odometer reading? And you need to know if the vehicle has ever been stolen or declared a ‘write off’. A comprehensive car facts report can give you answers to these and many other burning questions. Saving you plenty in both money and stress. Full service finance brokers like Natloans can provide you with in-depth car facts rundown. So you can buy with absolute peace of mind.

Know your car inside out with all the bare facts

Buying a car is a significant investment. One that should not be taken lightly. A faulty, misrepresented or encumbered car can cost you plenty beyond the initial purchase price. So be sure to get fully abreast of all the facts relating to your car before you buy. Not just the facts presented by the car’s vendor but a complete history report.

So what’s the quickest easiest route to a meticulous factual run-down on your chosen car? You will be pleased to know that this can be simple and swift. Commission a finance specialist like Natloans to provide a comprehensive history report. These award winning brokers will give you full car identification, description and valuation. Their custom Car Facts report will also tell you whether:

  • Any finance is outstanding on the car
  • The car has ever been written off or stolen
  • Any odometer anomalies are present
  • …and much more

Get your car facts straight away

Why risk buying a used car that could affect your credit history and plunge you into debt? There is no need to engage in arduous research. Simply engage Natloans to provide their signature Car Facts report on your vehicle of interest. You can do this online right away or whenever you find a used car that piques your interest. When it comes to buying a used car, it has never been more important to get your facts straight. And Natloans ensures you do.

Are you debating whether to purchase a new or used car?

It is quite exciting knowing you will be driving around in a new vehicle, however have you really thought about whether it’s worth purchasing a brand new vehicle? Yes, surely you will be the very first owner, but is it really worth it?

If you have money to spare go for it! These days you can purchase a vehicle that is only a few years old and majority of these cars are as good as new and there are hundreds to choose from (i.e. Mazda 6, Holden Commodore, Toyota Yaris, Honda Accord). At the end of the day each car has the same features and performance levels, the only difference is the price you pay.

Another target market that would suit the category “used cars”, are new drivers. Statistics reveal that young and new drivers have a higher chance of being in a car accident or will bump their car here and there unintentionally. Why pay for a new car knowing that the moment you drive away from the dealer the price will drop a few thousand.


Where to find your next purchase?

The two broad categories you can start searching is either online websites or pop in to your local dealership. It would be ideal to begin at a dealership where you can see a range of vehicles, to choose what model suits you best and this also allows you to see what prices are applicable for each.

Having a few models in mind will guide you in the right direction. If you decide to purchase through a dealer, that is great! But remember to negotiate a price that you are satisfied with, get your moneys worth.

If you choose to buy through a private sale, you will need to undertake extensive research in finding the best option. That is, the right model, color, low kilometers and to check whether the car has been completely paid off from any previous loan.

For more information on what rates and loan terms are currently available contact Natloans on 1300 955 791.

Finding the right car

When in comes to finding the right car it can often be quite difficult due to the huge range of cars in the market. There are all sorts of designs, coluors and varying features. Although they are all used for the same purpose the extent of luxury varies significantly depending on the make/model.

If you know nothing about car shopping you have a few things to learn! Finding yourself the perfect car can be done online, by a dealership or even in the local trading post. The first place to start is at the car yard, allowing you to choose a car that you like and is between your budget. Once you have chosen a few cars of interest your investigation begins in order to narrow your search down.

Websites such as offer a wide range of new and used cars, allowing you to search according to the make, model and even location in which the car is currently in.  This is the most popular way of finding a car, checking online daily to see if the right car is on the market.  If and when you find the car, call the owner to pop by for a test drive! Remember to ask:

  • Whether the car has been completely paid off?
  • When the registration is due?
  • If the car has been in any major accidents?

If the car has traveled a significant amount of kilometers you may be able to negotiate with the owner to drop the price even further. Look for any flaws of the vehicle, even if it is a scratch here and there to drop the price to a satisfactory one!

If you aren’t up with technology the trading post is a great way to find your car! Although you may not be able to see a visual at all times, if you know what you want it should be fine due to you will be taking it on a test drive before you make the purchase.

Knowing what you want to buy will allow you to find the best deal available and narrow down your search quickly. Reading up on reviews will also guide you in the right direction. For more information on what deals are available on new and used cars contact Natloans on 1300 955 791 or visit the website

Tyre and Rim Insurance

Are you unsure what insurance products are available to you? Well you’d be surprised on what offers are out there these days. Tyre and Rim insurance is now offered at majority dealers and financiers, it allows drivers to go for a ride without having to think about the event of their tyre going flat or nail going through it.

There are a variety of deals in which you can choose from, the standard deal includes of:

–          3 years protection

–          No excess no claims

–          Towing to the nearest repair shop

–          Offers discounts on tyres (Note: only specified manufacturers)

Insurer’s are quite strict as to when they will and will not pay out their client. They will not pay damage that is caused intentionally or if the client is failing to maintain the vehicle or bike. In some cases they will not cover mother nature disasters i.e. flooding not caused by storm water. They will only cover what is under the agreement, nothing more.

Before make any agreement read the fine print, you must be aware of what exactly are your terms and conditions.

For more insight on how to go about renewing or purchasing tyre and rim insurance contact Natloans 1300 955 791.

Am I eligible for a loan if I am unemployed?

Getting finance has become an increasing need these days and it makes it all the more harder if you are unemployed.

Most financiers will only consider you as an applicant if you are currently employed. You need to show evidence that you are committed in paying off your debts and can afford it on a regular basis. Financiers want to feel comfortable that they will receive their money back on time and in full. Another factor you should keep in mind is that lenders automatically allocate a part of your wage towards your children if they are under the age of 16. If there is no excess money left, you will be left with no capacity therefore unable to cater for a new loan.

Other factors that are taken into account are:

–          Your living circumstances: That is, if you are renting, own a house, mortgage or boarding.

–          Previous loan history: All payments are paid on time without any defaults.

–          Credit History: Financiers will check your credit history for defaults, bankruptcies and if you have made yourself a busy credit file. If you have done more than 5 applications within the year, this may destroy your chances of getting financed.

If you are after a small amount i.e. $500 you may want to consider a pay day loan. However, if you are wanting $5000 or more you should consider working at least part-time to show that you will be able to repay your new loan.

If you are a pensioner or receive government funds it is advisable that you speak to a consultant before you start applying anywhere.  There may be another way around, for instance: having a co-borrower or taking out a joint application, however these circumstances are quite rare when unemployed.

If you wish to have a chat about your options, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our staff would be more than happy to assist. You can find us at or give us a call on 1300 955 791.

Car Safety

As time goes by technology is improving at a rapid rate, increasing our chances of survival in car accidents. Statistics reveal that in Victoria, 1 in 4 cars are unsafe, that is 27.9% of our cars. It is also evident that darker colored vehicles have a higher chance of being involved in a car accident, whereas lighter colored vehicles provide better visibility to drivers.

Purchasing a new car provides the driver with the newest and safest technology, hence the importance of eliminating older vehicles from the road. New technology has decreased the number of deaths and serious injuries, due to safer car features.

Various features that are included in most vehicles are:

ABS Brakes: ABS brakes prevent brakes from quickly locking up. In fact they usually prevent an accident from occurring due to being so effective.

Reverse Cameras & Sensing System: This feature is currently on specific vehicles, unless you have requested them. They allow the driver to have a view

Driver Fatigue Warnings: When the driver is on the road for more than 2 hours a warning will appear, reminding them to take a break preventing high levels of fatigue.

Airbags: Are currently in most vehicles and have saved many lives in the past. They are usually located in the centre of the steering wheel and on the side of the doors. When the car is in a severe collision, this will be detected and the airbags will automatically pop out in only a matter of seconds.

Car manufacturers claim that from 2012 head protection technology will be mandatory in all new vehicles. It is vital to be driving a car with high safety features, as drivers can be quite dangerous (i.e. intoxicated or fatigue drivers).

For more information on how to go about financing a safer car in the new year call Natloans on 1300 955 791 or visit

Issues faced for flooding victims

Queensland’s flood disaster has made residents all the more aware of what exactly their insurance policy consists of. Although it is stated in most policies that you will be covered for flood damage that is, flash flooding, storm water and rain water various insurers exclude riverine and inland flooding. This factor has affected many Queensland residences as they are now left with vehicles that are severely damaged and their insurers do not cover them. Many other residents weren’t even covered in the first place and as brutal as it may sound insurer’s are going by the notion of “no insurance, no payout”.

Suncorp is one of Queensland’s largest insurance companies that have flood insurance incorporated into their policy. There will be no issue in paying out clients whose cars, bikes or boats were damaged in the disaster.

This event has left Australians devastated and aware with exactly what their insurers are covering them for. When updating your insurance next be sure to read the policy thoroughly, even the fine print! It is vital to be covered in the event of any natural disaster. If you are not covered the consequences aren’t too pleasant, leaving you with no car to make your way around. Not only will you have to be relying on public transport, but also you will have to start saving for anothercar or seek for finance.

Let this disaster be a lesson to all, if you weren’t aware of your cover contact your insurer to find out what you are eligible for and seek for a product that does cover you.

  • Finding the right car

    When in comes to finding the right car it can often be quite difficult due to the huge range of […]

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