Issues faced for flooding victims

Queensland’s flood disaster has made residents all the more aware of what exactly their insurance policy consists of. Although it is stated in most policies that you will be covered for flood damage that is, flash flooding, storm water and rain water various insurers exclude riverine and inland flooding. This factor has affected many Queensland residences as they are now left with vehicles that are severely damaged and their insurers do not cover them. Many other residents weren’t even covered in the first place and as brutal as it may sound insurer’s are going by the notion of “no insurance, no payout”.

Suncorp is one of Queensland’s largest insurance companies that have flood insurance incorporated into their policy. There will be no issue in paying out clients whose cars, bikes or boats were damaged in the disaster.

This event has left Australians devastated and aware with exactly what their insurers are covering them for. When updating your insurance next be sure to read the policy thoroughly, even the fine print! It is vital to be covered in the event of any natural disaster. If you are not covered the consequences aren’t too pleasant, leaving you with no car to make your way around. Not only will you have to be relying on public transport, but also you will have to start saving for anothercar or seek for finance.

Let this disaster be a lesson to all, if you weren’t aware of your cover contact your insurer to find out what you are eligible for and seek for a product that does cover you.

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