Car Safety

As time goes by technology is improving at a rapid rate, increasing our chances of survival in car accidents. Statistics reveal that in Victoria, 1 in 4 cars are unsafe, that is 27.9% of our cars. It is also evident that darker colored vehicles have a higher chance of being involved in a car accident, whereas lighter colored vehicles provide better visibility to drivers.

Purchasing a new car provides the driver with the newest and safest technology, hence the importance of eliminating older vehicles from the road. New technology has decreased the number of deaths and serious injuries, due to safer car features.

Various features that are included in most vehicles are:

ABS Brakes: ABS brakes prevent brakes from quickly locking up. In fact they usually prevent an accident from occurring due to being so effective.

Reverse Cameras & Sensing System: This feature is currently on specific vehicles, unless you have requested them. They allow the driver to have a view

Driver Fatigue Warnings: When the driver is on the road for more than 2 hours a warning will appear, reminding them to take a break preventing high levels of fatigue.

Airbags: Are currently in most vehicles and have saved many lives in the past. They are usually located in the centre of the steering wheel and on the side of the doors. When the car is in a severe collision, this will be detected and the airbags will automatically pop out in only a matter of seconds.

Car manufacturers claim that from 2012 head protection technology will be mandatory in all new vehicles. It is vital to be driving a car with high safety features, as drivers can be quite dangerous (i.e. intoxicated or fatigue drivers).

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