Car facts: you have to face them

Fact is the used car you are looking at has a history. Now there may not be anything dire in your chosen vehicle’s past. But it is crucial that you look into this before you purchase. After all, there is plenty that your vendor may not disclose. For example, what if there is finance outstanding on your desired car? How are you going to know if someone has tinkered with the odometer reading? And you need to know if the vehicle has ever been stolen or declared a ‘write off’. A comprehensive car facts report can give you answers to these and many other burning questions. Saving you plenty in both money and stress. Full service finance brokers like Natloans can provide you with in-depth car facts rundown. So you can buy with absolute peace of mind.

Know your car inside out with all the bare facts

Buying a car is a significant investment. One that should not be taken lightly. A faulty, misrepresented or encumbered car can cost you plenty beyond the initial purchase price. So be sure to get fully abreast of all the facts relating to your car before you buy. Not just the facts presented by the car’s vendor but a complete history report.

So what’s the quickest easiest route to a meticulous factual run-down on your chosen car? You will be pleased to know that this can be simple and swift. Commission a finance specialist like Natloans to provide a comprehensive history report. These award winning brokers will give you full car identification, description and valuation. Their custom Car Facts report will also tell you whether:

  • Any finance is outstanding on the car
  • The car has ever been written off or stolen
  • Any odometer anomalies are present
  • …and much more

Get your car facts straight away

Why risk buying a used car that could affect your credit history and plunge you into debt? There is no need to engage in arduous research. Simply engage Natloans to provide their signature Car Facts report on your vehicle of interest. You can do this online right away or whenever you find a used car that piques your interest. When it comes to buying a used car, it has never been more important to get your facts straight. And Natloans ensures you do.

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