Tyre and Rim Insurance

Are you unsure what insurance products are available to you? Well you’d be surprised on what offers are out there these days. Tyre and Rim insurance is now offered at majority dealers and financiers, it allows drivers to go for a ride without having to think about the event of their tyre going flat or nail going through it.

There are a variety of deals in which you can choose from, the standard deal includes of:

–          3 years protection

–          No excess no claims

–          Towing to the nearest repair shop

–          Offers discounts on tyres (Note: only specified manufacturers)

Insurer’s are quite strict as to when they will and will not pay out their client. They will not pay damage that is caused intentionally or if the client is failing to maintain the vehicle or bike. In some cases they will not cover mother nature disasters i.e. flooding not caused by storm water. They will only cover what is under the agreement, nothing more.

Before make any agreement read the fine print, you must be aware of what exactly are your terms and conditions.

For more insight on how to go about renewing or purchasing tyre and rim insurance contact Natloans 1300 955 791.

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